We deliver 24 hours, 7 days a week in Rotterdam. Available from 8 am - 11 pm.
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No delivery costs in Rotterdam City Center, Delfshaven, Overschie, Noord, Hillegersberg, Schiebroek, Kralingen, Crooswijk, Feijenoord, IJsselmonde, Charlois

No delivery costs in Rotterdam

Call or WhatsApp 010-3073668

Call or WhatsApp 010-3073668

at night and in the weekends only use Whatsapp Message please.


Why Rotterdam Balloon Company

Rotterdam Balloon Company is part of Globos Balloons and delivers (Helium) Balloons and Balloondecorations to individuals and businesses in Rotterdam - and in particular for the Rotterdam hospitality industry - an exclusive service when it comes to the delivery of (last minute) balloons and helium with an 'agreement is agreement' mentality.

We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Rotterdam and are personally available to our customers from early in the morning to late in the evening.

Fellow balloon companies can outsource their assignments in Rotterdam to us. We do this discreetly and against a pre-agreed commission on the balloon decorations. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Free delivery

We are in Rotterdam every day to supply the Rotterdam hospitality industry with balloons and that is why we can deliver for free (*) in Rotterdam.

Always Stock

We always have all colors latex balloons in stock and even with us on the bus.

Last Minute Emergency Service

We can switch very quickly and even provide you with balloons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week outside regular opening hours if we have to.

Available until 11 pm.

For urgent orders we are 7 days a week from 8am - 11pm available via Whatsapp on telephone number 010-3073668. At night and in the weekends only use Whatsapp Message please.


Exclusive VIP Service

VIP Service

For the VIP in Rotterdam (private, business or hospitality) we offer an exclusive High-End Balloon service. That means, among other things, that you can expect the highest quality, 100% biodegradable balloons with a 100% guarantee. That we are personally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be at your doorstep in Rotterdam within 60 minutes with balloons. So if you need last minute balloons, call or send a Whatsapp message to 010-3073668. We are available 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm.

Price List

Feel free to compare prices with our colleagues (we would do that too) but keep in mind ...

Please note!
The prices below are based on BUY (not RENT) so everything is your property after payment. We deliver the balloon decorations ready for use - filled with air or helium - to your home or location and put them at the desired spots. You don't have to do anything yourself.

We only use the best quality 100% biodegradable latex balloons that are guaranteed free from Nitrasamines. Nitrasamines are carcinogenic substances that occur in many cheap (often Chinese) balloons.

We always supply spare balloons with the balloon decorations that you can use to replace leaking balloons yourself. And of course we will explain how you can replace the leaking balloons. This way you keep the balloon decorations last longer.

We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and therefore also in the evening and during the weekend if necessary. In addition, we are specialized in Last Minute urgent orders and we can be at your doorstep within 30 minutes with our balloons.


You can find more balloons, balloon decorations and balloon accessories on Ballonartikelen.NL

Hospitality Service

As a hospitality entrepreneur you are happy to give your customers some extras. It is very normal to keep looking for ways to distinguish yourself from others and surprise your customers. Understanding consumers and their needs is the key to a successful hospitality business.

Make the perfect first impression.

The first impression is a very important one, and you only get the chance to make a good impression once. The table is the first thing guests have to deal with. And if there is something to celebrate, then balloons are part of it. This can be in the form of a bunch of balloons on the table (€ 10) or the age of the person in large foil balloon numbers (€ 15 per number), see photo below. For you as a hospitality entrepreneur, this service is free because you can charge these costs directly to the customer.

Rotterdams Ballonnenbedrijf bij de Oysterclub

How does it work?

  1. Guests who come for something to eat at your bar restaurant in Rotterdam and have something to celebrate, you can ask them - when they make a reservation - if they want balloons at their table. For example a bunch of balloons (10 euros) on the table or the age of the person in large foil numbers (15 euros per number).
  2. If your client wants balloons, send us a Whatsapp message or call 010-3073668 and let us know what you need and when you need is.
  3. We will deliver the balloons on the agreed day and time and you will pay cash with the delivery person.
  4. The guests come to eat in your bar restaurant and when they are finished, you put the ordered balloons on there bill.

Your bar restaurant in style!

Another advantage of our balloon service is that you will not be fed up with different colors in your shop. Guests who celebrate their birthday with you and bring their own balloons come with all different colored balloons and your business looks like a circus. You can prevent this with our balloon service. After all, we always deliver the same (pre-agreed) color balloons. And of course you can always make an exception by letting your guests choose the colors of their balloons themselves.

Conditions Free delivery (*)

Because we have many customers in the Rotterdam hospitality industry, we are in Rotterdam almost every day with our balloon and therefore we do not have to charge delivery costs. However, there are a few conditions attached to this:

  1. Orders for this afternoon / evening should be placed latest (preferably earlier) in the morning. Rush orders in consultation.
  2. Minimum purchase 25,-
  3. Free delivery applies to delivery in the ground floor in Rotterdam Center, Delfshaven, Overschie, Noord, Hillegersberg, Schiebroek, Kralingen, Crooswijk, Feijenoord, IJsselmonde, Charlois.
  4. We can deliver at your address you all day until the evening. We cannot agree an exact time in advance because we combine the ride with other customers.
  5. Finally - in exchange for the free delivery - we would like to receive a review from you on Google. We understand that you cannot judge the product (yet), but you can probably judge our offer and service. You can use this link to write a review.

Do you not meet all the conditions?

We can always deliver to you, but then we will have to drive especially for you. And that is certainly not a problem, we are very happy to do that, but we do have to charge delivery costs. The delivery costs are:

Region Delivery costs
Hoogvliet, Poortugaal, Rhoon
€ 15,-
Barendrecht, Ridderkerk
€ 20,-
Rotterdam Zuid
€ 20,-
Rotterdam Center
€ 25,-
Rotterdam Noord
€ 30,-
Prins Alexander, Capelle, Krimpen
€ 30,-


Below is an overview of Rotterdam customers and projects in Rotterdam that we have provided with balloons.


Helium balloons Rotterdam

Heliumballonnen Lee Towers Marconiplein Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Cafe Soif Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Schotse Kerk Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Hoge School Locatie Wijnhaven Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Savoy Hotel Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Chrome Goud En Zwart Kop Van Zuid Rotterdam Heliumballonnen 16 Inch Diplomering Osg Hugo De Groot Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Pit Consultants Hoogvliet Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Mathenesserdijk Rotterdam Heliumballonnen Zilver Zwart Nhow Hotel Rotterdam

Table decoration Rotterdam

Tafeldecoratie 3ballonnen Hoge School Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 3ballonnen Hoge School Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Oysterclub Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Oysterclub Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 3ballonnen Gronddecoratie Lee Towers Marconiplein Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Cafe In The City Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Gronddecoratie Burst Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Cafe In The City Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Villa Thalia Rotterdam Tafeldecoratie 6ballonnen Oysterclub Rotterdam

Folieballon cijfer Rotterdam

Folieballon Cijfer 50 Harbourclub Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 22 Cafe In The City Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 19 Cafe In The City Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 20 Lee Towers Marconiplein Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 30 Villa Thalia Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 30 Cafe Beurs Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 21 Cafe In The City Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 4 Harbourclub Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 25 Cafe In The City Rotterdam Folieballon Cijfer 24 Cafe In The City Rotterdam

Cloudbuster Rotterdam

Cloudbuster Rond Hal4 Rotterdam Cloudbuster Hart Stadstoezicht Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Harbourclub Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Dubbel Stuffed Schotse Kerk Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Met Confetti Print Restaurant De Tuin Van De Vier Windstreken Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Bedrukt World Trade Center Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Verjaardag 50 Jaar Restaurant De Schone Lei Kralingse Plas Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Hoge School Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Hoge School Rotterdam Cloudbuster Rond Nikkie Meent Rotterdam

Balloon column Rotterdam

Ballonpilaar Rond Moon Alexandrium Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Helder Optiek Keizerswaard Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Pit Consultants Hoogvliet Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Montel Alexandrium Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Folieballon Cijfer 5 Poolse Supermarkt Wolphaertsbocht Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Laurens Woonzorglocatie Den Hoogenban Rotterdam Locatie Blijdorp Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Laurens Woonzorglocatie Den Hoogenban Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Hoge School Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Happy Birthday Flamingo Hoogvliet Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Breed Rond Hoge School Rotterdam

Balloon arch Rotterdam

Ballonboog 6m Buurtsuper Oud Mathenesse Rotterdam Ballonboog 6m Museum Rotterdam Locatie Rodezand Ballonboog 6m Museum Rotterdam Locatie Rodezand Ballonboog 6m Museum Rotterdam Locatie Coolhaven Ballonboog 6m Montessori Lyceum Rotterdam Ballonboog 6m Hoornbeeck College Rotterdam Ballonboog 6m Diplomering Osg Hugo De Groot Rotterdam Ballonboog 6m Diplomering Mytylschool De Brug Vso Rotterdam Ballonboog 6m Diplomering Osg Hugo De Groot Rotterdam Ballonboog 5m Opening Olympia College Rotterdam

Balloon garland Rotterdam

Ballonslinger Doorknoopballonnen Bnr Nieuws Radio Business Boost Live Ahoy Rotterdam Ballonslinger Dennis 35 Jaar Optreden Guido Van De Graaf Wolter Kroes Tino Martin Gerard Joling Lil Kleine Cafe In The City Rotterdam Ballonslinger Cafe In The City Rotterdam Ballonslinger Luster Rotterdam Ballonslinger Met Cloudbuster Diplomering Eboh De Passie Rotterdam Ballonpilaar Rond Ballonslinger Ebo De Passie Rotterdam Ballonslinger 6m Rotterdamboot Gaypride 2012 Ballonslinger Opening Melanchthon Mathenesse School Rotterdam Ballonslinger 6m Rotterdam Amsterdam Gaypride 2011 Ballonslinger 6m Rotterdam Amsterdam Gaypride 2011

Balloon bouquet Rotterdam

Ballonboeket Verjaardag By Ami Rotterdam Ballonboeket Verjaardag Chrome Brons Koper Aqua Asia Club Rotterdam Ballonboeket Bedrukte Folieballon Rond Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam Ballonboeket Folieballonnen Ster Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam Ballonboeket Gender Reveal Party Hotel New York Rotterdam Ballonboeket 26 Jaar Cafe In The City Rotterdam Ballonboeket Beterschap Erasmus Mc Dijkzigt Rotterdam Ballonboeket Groen Beterschap Sterkte Maasstad Ziekenhuis Rotterdam Ballonboeket Beterschap Erasmus Mc Rotterdam Ballonboeket Beterschap Zorghotel Aafje Rotterdam


[Show all photos of projects in Rotterdam]

more Balloon Decorations

We make balloon decorations for all occasions and themes. The links below take you to our extensive photo album with photos of balloon decorations that we have provided in recent years.

Abraham Baby Babyshower Bedankt Beterschap Bruiloft Communie Diplomering Geboorte Geslaagd Geslacht Onthulling Gender Reveal Party Halloween Huwelijk Jubileum Kerst Koningsdag Liefde Moederdag Opening Oud en Nieuw Pasen Pensioen Sarah Sterkte Succes Sinterklaas Trouwen Uitvaart Vaderdag Valentijnsdag Verjaardag Vrijgezellenfeest Zwanger


If you want to use a balloon arch or 2 balloon columns at your opening, we can supply a luxury opening ribbon (possibly printed with a text and / or your logo) to be cut during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This ribbon is 100mm wide and costs you 10 euros per meter including VAT and printing in 1 color. You can choose from 55 colors of ribbon and 14 colors of printing. Unprinted it is half the price. At an additional cost of 5 euros per print, we can also print your logo in full color on a white ribbon. We print in-house so we can deliver within a day.

Opening Ribbon € 10,- p/m incl. print



New! Balloon Bouguets

Surprise a friend, colleague or family member by having a special made balloon bouquet delivered to him / her at home or at the office in Rotterdam!

Send us a message with your wishes in terms of colors, theme and / or occasion and we will make a beautiful balloon bouquet and deliver it to the recipient at home or at the office in Rotterdam on the agreed date.

Because we receive many last-minute rush orders, we have to deal with the balloons that we have in stock at that time. In addition, not all balloons are available for the European market. That is the reason why you cannot choose a specific balloon (except the colors and theme of course) but the design of the bouquet must be left to our expertise. However, we will certainly not disappoint you.

We guarantee that the number and type of balloons in the balloon bouquet always correspond to 1 of the balloon bouquets in the photo below and that all balloons in the bouquet remain floating for at least 5 to 7 days. So you can expect at least a similar balloon bouquet.

€ 25,- incl. delivery Rotterdam*

* Price includes delivery to Rotterdam if we can deliver all day. If the recipient is not at home, we will try at the neighbors or hang the balloons in a bag on the door.


Photo's of our balloon bouquetsn


You can choose from the solid color balloons below, which we always have in stock for you. But also if you want to have balloons with a print for a specific theme or occasion, we can get them for you.

Kleurenkaart Ballonnen


Custom Colors

By 'layering' 2 different balloons we can almost always create the right color balloon that matches your corporate identity. Below are the result of combining 2 different color balloons. This so-called double stuffing technique requires extra work and an additional price.

Custom Kleurenkaart


Chalky Pastel Balloons

Undoubtedly, the most popular pastel trend of the year is the look of chalky pastels. Chalky pastels are created by stuffing vibrant colors inside Qualatex white latex. Using double-stuffing, these balloons take on a matte appearance that creates a unique look, similar to chalk on a blackboard.

Kleurenkaart Mat Ballonnen


Chrome Balloons

The chrome balloons of Qualatex (the worlds best quality balloon brand) look more like metal sculptures than latex balloons! These balloons have a metallic coating and ensure a visual experience never seen before. We can use these chrome balloons in all our balloon decorations.

Kleurenkaart Chrome Ballonnen


Balloons Configurator

Design your balloon decoration with our real-time WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) balloon configurator and see what a specific color balloon combination looks like before you order it.

To the Balloon Configurator


Is it possible to send a Whatsapp message to a 010 number?

Yes, it is possible for us to receive Whatsapp messages on a fixed telephone line. We also prefer contact via Whatsapp. If it is not possible to send us a Whatsapp message, please email us your number or give us a call and we will send you a Whatsapp message.


Do you only deliver to Rotterdam?

No, we deliver throughout the Netherlands and even beyond that. It is only so that we deliver balloons every day in Rotterdam and therefore you pay no delivery costs in Rotterdam.


Why are delivery costs still charged in Rotterdam?

In most cases, this is because you only want to receive the balloons at a specific time and then we have to come to Rotterdam especially for you. We can only deliver for free if we can visit you all day (between 11am and 5pm) and therefore deliver the balloons to you on the way.


How are helium balloons delivered?

The helium balloons are delivered to you ready-made, that means filled with helium and a ribbon attached to it. In most cases we will deliver them ready-made with a delivery van, but in a few cases (if it no longer fits in the delivery van) we will fill the balloons on site.


How long do helium balloons float?

The helium balloons that we deliver to Rotterdam will certainly float for around 14-16 hours. We can also treat helium balloons at an additional cost of 1.00 euros with a gel (Hi-FLOAT) so that they can float for a few days. The giant 90cm helium balloons (cloudbusters) will last a few days without HI-FLOAT.


How long do balloon decorations last?

Balloon decorations that used inside last a week and you always get spare balloons and a short explanation on how you can replace the leaking or popped balloons yourself. Balloon decorations outside are generally less durable because they always influence external factors such as people touching them and the weather. Balloons catch a lot of wind and balloons can not stand the full sun (light colors better than dark colors). Rain makes helium balloons wet and therefore heavy so that they come down to the floor early.


Do I have a warranty on the balloons?

You always get spare balloons from us to be able to repair leaking balloons, but because balloons are so fragile and can pop due to so many factors - over which we have no influence - we cannot give a solid guarantee. However, if there is a real need for the balloons to be replaced, call us or send a Whatsapp message to 010-3073668 to discuss the options. We may still be in the area.


Can you release helium balloons in Rotterdam?

We stand for a clean environment and that is why we no longer release balloons for some time. Since January 1st. 2020, the release of helium balloons in Rotterdam has been prohibited. After all, everything that goes up, must come down and ends up in nature once in a while and we don't want that offcourse. The prohibition applies to balloons in all shapes and materials that are released into the air by means of helium or another gas or fire source. Balloons that are tied on something or being held are still allowed, but only if they are cleaned up properly.


Will you come to collect the supports of the balloon decos again?

The balloon decorations that we deliver in Rotterdam are on supports of disposable material that you may throw away or keep after use. This is cheaper than having to pick them up again. However, we will gladly take them with us again when we visit you again for the next delivery.


Do you have a balloon shop in Rotterdam?

No, we do not have a physical balloon store in Rotterdam. We do have a webshop where you can view, discuss and / or collect balloons by appointment in Spijkenisse.


Is your question not listed?

Ask your question via Google or via the form below or call or send a Whatsapp message to 010-3073668.



Below an overview of the latest 5 reviews about the Rotterdam Balloon Company. An overview of all independent reviews can be found at Google.


Dalya Katoah

Amazing service. Seriously I wish I knew about them before. On their website they said they closed early that day but I still tried my luck and sent them a WhatsApp, which they answered immediately. I made the order, agreed on timing, paid through tikkie, ALL on whatsapp. How convenient. Definitely my go to place for future events!!! Love the detaila of the website. They have all the options, all the prices, all the colors.


Pallavi Bharwani

Very helpful customer service! I was able to place the order easily through whatsapp. Delivery was on time and the balloons are still floating 4 days later. Thanks again!


Maddy Throup

Amazing service and super easy to order via Whatsapp. The balloons are beautiful and I have one very happy friend! Thank you so much.


Lorna Van Schie

Very honest company ordered through app and balloons were delivered the agreed time in perfect shape. Thank you.


Alena Mak

I tried to order baloons for tomorrow. It’s good that they answered even on weekend. On web-site there’s information, that delivery is free in Rotterdam. But they asked 25 euro. Ok. Delivery time from 9 till 12 and I asked after 9.15, because I need pick up son to school and came back. They answered me, that impossible! So, I should wait 3 hours, but that’s impossible to change a delivery route and came for me after another’s client. Then I decided to go to the shop and take baloons without delivery. But I found that shop Out of Rotterrdam and adress on website is incorrect. I am not ready to spend an hour. So, as a result no order.



We are also curious about your experiences with the Rotterdam Balloon Company. To post a review, you can use this link. You help us improve our service even more. Thank you in advance.


Questions? Please contact us.

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